Telecommunications Heritage Group

Constitution of the Telecommunications Heritage Group

1. Name: The Name of the Group shall be The Telecommunications Heritage Group, hereinafter referred to as the THG.

1a. Neither the full designation nor any abbreviation shall be used by Members for Trade or Business without the express consent of the Committee.

2. Aims and Objects: To promote the study, preservation and collection of the Heritage of Communications or any such other activity related thereto.

3. Affiliations: The THG may be affiliated to any other Group or Organisation, as may be determined by the Committee.

4. Officers: The Officers shall be a Chairman (or Chairwoman), a Vice-Chairman (or Vice-Chairwoman), a Treasurer, a Membership Secretary, and a General Secretary who shall be Honorary Officers of the THG. The five Honorary officers, together with up to five additional members of committee shall constitute the Full Committee of the THG. A quorum of Committee shall consist of at least three of its members, of whom at least two shall be Honorary Officers. If the committee so agrees, a person may hold two Honorary Officer positions but shall only have one vote.

4a. Any Chairman or Chairwoman having served in that Office for five years continuous or broken service shall be offered the Honorary Office of Vice-President of the Telecommunications Heritage Group.

4b. Should there already be Honorary Vice-Presidents, a vote shall be taken at the Annual General Meeting to determine which shall serve as Honorary President.

4c. Should there be no other Vice-Presidents, then the Office of Honorary President be assumed.

5. Management: The day-to-day Management of the THG shall be vested in the Committee which shall have the power to Co-opt, and to authorise the establishment of Sub-Committees for any function which it deems necessary. Co-optees have no voting rights on the Committee.

5a. If at any meeting of the Committee the Voting is tied then the Chair shall have the casting vote.

6. Membership: Any person having an interest in the Aims and Objects of the THG shall be eligible for membership on payment of the required Fee(s), the rate of which shall be determined by the Committee.

6a. The THG Committee reserves the right to refuse membership. A simple majority of the Committee shall signify the acceptance or expulsion of THG members. There shall be an Appeal procedure (see 7b).

6b. Membership shall comprise: Ordinary; un-remunerated grade; Associate/Honorary/Life, which grade may be proposed by a majority decision of the Committee.

6c. The date for renewal of all subscriptions shall be "rst June annually and the fees decided upon at the AGM or an Extra-ordinary General meeting called for that purpose.

7. Suspension and Expulsion: Any member whose Subscription is three months in arrears shall automatically be suspended from membership. Re-admittance only on payment of the normal Fees.

7a. A member shall have his/her name removed from the Register for behaviour which is considered by a majority of the Committee to be detrimental to the interests or the reputation of the THG.

7b. Any appeal by a THG member shall be subject to Arbitration. The Hon. General Secretary shall, at the request of the Appellant, convene a Tribunal which shall consist of 1) One ordinary member of the THG nominated by the Appellant, and 2) One member of the THG Committee, and 3) a ‘President’ who shall be any person invited by the agreement of 1) and 2). None of these members will have been involved in the initial appeal. The decision of the Tribunal shall be final.

7c. Appeals shall only be accepted if received by the Hon. General Secretary within 28 days of the suspension or expulsion.

8. The THG provides an e-mail group which any member may join and to which they may post messages. Messages may be posted freely and should relate directly to the discussion of telecommunications heritage, its study, preservation and collection. Personal messages between individual members should not be posted, nor should abusive or defamatory remarks. The e-mail group may not be used for the resolution of members’ disputes.

8a. Any member who posts inappropriate, abusive or defamatory messages, or who attempts to use the e-mail group to resolve personal disputes will have their access to it temporarily suspended (“moderated”) and the offending material will be removed. The Moderator will be an Honorary Officer of the THG Committee who will take this action after discussion with the THG Committee. Re-instatement will be allowed only when the Committee has been satisfied that there will be no repetition of this, or similar, action.

8b. If, following a temporary suspension, a member attempts to post similar, inappropriate messages their access to the e-mail group will be permanently withdrawn. Any Appeal against such a decision will be subject to the procedure laid down in paragraph 7b of the Constitution.

9. Meetings: Shall be of four kinds, viz,

  • Ordinary. To be held from time to time as deemed necessary and to be convened by any three Committee members at least two being Honorary Officers of the Group.
  • Extra-ordinary General. At any time at the written request of not less than twenty fully paid-up members. At least 21 days’ notice to be given to the Hon. General Secretary, in writing. Members shall be sent an Agenda for such Meetings not less than 14 days prior.
  • Annual General Meeting. To be held annually, at least 28 clear days’ notice to be given to the members of the venue, time and date. The Hon. General Secretary shall prepare an Agenda sufficient copies for the full Committee and shall cause to be displayed at least two copies in or near the place of the Meeting on the day. There shall not be more than 14 months between Annual General Meetings.
  • Committee. May be convened from time-to-time by any two Committee members one of whom shall be an Honorary Officer of the THG.

10. Minutes: Shall be kept by the Hon. General Secretary of all Committee and General Meetings.

11. Accounts: Shall be prepared by the Hon. Treasurer to 31st August of each year for submission to and acceptance by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

11a. An Internal Audit by a Duly Authorised person shall suffice.

12. The Annual General Meeting shall:

  • Receive and adopt Reports from the Officers of the Group.
  • Adopt the Accounts for the "nancial year as Certi"ed by the Auditor(s).
  • Discuss any Reports, Communications, or Correspondence.
  • Discuss and, if necessary, Vote on any Motion or Resolution by a show of hands, or if necessary, by a Ballot. Formal Notice is not required.
  • Require fourteen days Notice in writing to the Hon. General Secretary of any Motions or Resolutions proposing amendments having the effect of changing the Constitution. Such Proposer and Seconder to be fully paid-up members of the THG.
  • Elect any Officers required, by a show of hands, or Ballot, with a simple majority, for the ensuing year.

13. Meeting Protocol: Will be dealt with by the Chair, who will, in the event of a dispute, decide upon what action to take by referring to “Citrines ABC of Chairmanship”.

14. Amendments to the Constitution: Shall be sent to every fully paid up member at least 56 days before the meeting called to decide upon them. Amendments will have to be received, by the Secretary, 28 days prior to the meeting and these amendments then duly sent to every fully paid up member at least 14 days before the aforesaid meeting.

15. Winding Up: The THG may be dissolved by an Extra-ordinary General Meeting after six months’ notice has been served to all its members. If, upon the winding-up, and the discharge of the Group’s debts and liabilities (including the return to members of their unused subscriptions which have been paid in advance) there remain any assets whatsoever, these shall be divided equally between all THG members whose subscriptions are fully up to date. Nothing shall be paid to holders of complimentary or other free memberships.

First ratified at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 5th November 1988 at the Telecom Technology Showcase, 135 Queen Victoria Street, London. This version ratified at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 1st October 2011 at the Science Museum, London SW7.

Membership Benefits and Rates

Only THG members have the following:

  • Four high-quality journals posted to you each year*
  • An electronic on-line version of the journal
  • The ability to ask telecoms-related questions and discuss our hobby using a dedicated Yahoogroup online
  • Access to other members' profiles (depending on their privacy settings) on our membership website
  • Access to a further discussion forum (hosted on our membership website)
  • A members' 'wants' list - if such items are made available to the group, members are offered items
  • Access to swapmeets (see THG Events in the menu) and the AGM
* Journals are not sent to our overseas 'electronic-only' members
Current subscription rates (annual) are:
UK Membership   £20
European Membership £23
World Membership £30
Electronic-only Membership £8 (not available to UK members)

THG Events

The THG has a long standing history of holding very popular swapmeets in a variety of good locations, the pictures below may be just what you need to tempt you into joining us. Over the years some venues have been more popular so we tend to gravitate towards these, but if you have any suggestions for other locations then please do get in touch.

See our events list here

What is a swapmeet?

Several times lately we've had new members asking this question, along with others like "I don't have anything to swap, can I buy instead?" and "I'm new to the THG, I don't know anyone else. How will I know who to swap things with?"

One of our members, Paul Seward, explains....

These were questions I very nearly asked before my first swapmeet. I like to think of swapmeets as "car boot sales, but with more telephones" (and more interesting people to chat to as well). Some stall holders may be open to swaps if you've got something they want, but cash is more flexible and more widely accepted.

One thing I would advise though is to bring some change and some smaller notes as sometimes change can get a bit thin on the ground, especially if people are trying to break a £20 note to buy that widget they've been after for ages, which is priced at 50p!

You can usually find a good choice of antique telephones, from the wooden era, through candlesticks and into the bakelite ranges, both black and coloured.




Reproduction cords of very good quality are available at good prices too, just what you need to finish off that loving restoration. A good variety of tools are usually around, from screwdrivers to specialised crimping tools and telephone exchange maintenance tools.



Talk to people who can restore broken phones like this to a standard where it is hard to detect their work.






A good selection of spares for telephones of all eras...

You'll also find good quantities of the more modern plastic telephones if that's what you're after along with test equipment used by the GPO and Post Office Telephones. If telephone exchanges are your 'thing' then there are often spare parts for strowger equipment and manual switchboards too, and we have several members who are expert on modern electronic PABX systems. Good numbers of magazines journals and other telephone related paperwork also surface regularly which can be a boon to those doing research. If you can't find what you are looking for, get chatting to people, ask who you need to speak to to find the bits you need.

But above all, the opportunity to meet and chat with so many like-minded fellow collectors in a friendly and informal environment. Make friends, find out where you can get hold of that elusive item that you have been searching after for years, join one of our relaxed training courses like the one below which covered the old A/B Coin Collecting Box, get the opportunity to visit restoration companies like Unicorn Kiosks and ask questions of the experts.

(Pictures courtesy of Sam Hallas)

Now if that doesn't make you want to join then I don't think anything will, if it does tickle your fancy then please have a look in the menus (above) about how to join THG. Don't forget, as well as the swapmeets you will get four journals every year and access to our members only web and mailing groups where you will find lively discussions on all things telephone related.

Please note, THG events are open to members only. Due to various conditions applied to us by some of the venues that we use and also the requirements placed on us by our insurance policy, the THG's events are not open to the public. New members are welcome to join at any time and will be admitted to our events as soon as their membership has been approved.

Reservations for tables must be made in advance with our events organiser as some venues are very well attended, with more than 30 tables.

Lately our swapmeets have been giving even better value to our members. After the swapmeet has finished, and allowing a suitable break for a little light refreshment, we have held a small workshop. We have held free training sessions covering topics such as dial repair, reading and understanding N-diagrams and planset working and David Walton has held a session on the repair and re-termination of cloth cords. Details of the training sessions will be announced in the journal. You do not usually need to book a place but you will need to let the organiser know in order that you can be told what to bring. You can use the form in the Contacts section.

Laurence kindly organises our events for us and he can be reached by using the form in the Contacts section.

Up to date information regarding all forthcoming THG events and meetings, including the AGM is available to members by logging on to the THG's secure members site, or:

See our events list here


The Telecommunications Heritage Journal is a high quality THG publication that is produced on a quarterly basis and is posted to the worldwide membership.

What is it?

The Journal has evolved over the years to be an A4 magazine with regular features, contributions from members, useful contact information, plus sections on help & advice, who's who and the Market Place - a trading hotspot. All of the content is supplied by the membership, and any submissions are gratefully received.

How to get a copy?

The easiest way to get a copy of the Journal is to become a THG member and you can find out more about that in the menus above. There are also a few back issues left for sale to members.

Contacting THG

Firstly, you need to understand what our group does and how we operate.

Everyone in THG is a member in his or her own right, and everyone is a volunteer. Although we are happy to receive enquiries regarding telecoms-related things, you must understand that we might be busy doing our 'day jobs', and there could be a delay in us responding to you.

If you are a member and have a membership query, first try to log onto the membership part of the website (click on 'Members' Area' - 'Membership Website' in the menu), log in with your email and password, and you should be able to deal with your membership online. Otherwise, please contact the membership secretary either using the email printed in the latest journal or by completing the contact form using the 'Contact Us' menu above.  If you would like to speak to the membership secretary, please use the main THG 'switchboard' (see the contact page), and select the appropriate option.  It is unlikely that you will get straight through, so do leave a message so that you can be called back at a convenient time.

Non-members wishing to join should see the menu item - How to Join - to find out about membership.

Members and non-members may write to THG using the mail forwarding service - the address is on the contact page. Please note that you need to use the full address as shown. Mail is forwarded to a member's private address, and then sent to the most appropriate person.

If you are a member of THG and wish to ask a question about something telecoms-related, try the THG Discussion Group first. However, if you don't have access to the internet-based group, you may write or phone.  However, it is unlikely that the person dealing with your request will have the answer, so your query will be passed on.

Non-members may also ask questions, and we will do our best to answer them. Please use the contact form from the menu.

We often receive calls from TV companies asking questions about authenticity or requesting people to interview about telecoms. Again, your enquiry will probably have to be passed on, so it's best to use the contact form, rather than phone.

If you are after a repair for some telecoms-related equipment, you might find someone suitable from our list of dealers in the 'Links' menu (above). THG is not a business and we cannot help you as a group, although occasionally our members may come to the rescue!

Finally, we are often contacted because a non-member has some equipment they wish to dispose of, rather than put into landfill. We have a member who deals with putting people in touch with members wanting such items, and any negotiations are then between you and our member. You should use the contact form if you wish to dispose of anything. We also have links with a number of museums, and some items may be more suited to a museum.

Our Publications

THG publishes four A4 sized Journals each year, packed with news and articles that are written by our members, for our members.


A growing number of THG members have joined CNet - this is a telephone network that uses an Asterisk Voice Over IP (VOIP) system and connects people up all over the world through their broadband connections.  Members have successfully connected old exchanges and equipment to the network, and in the UK we operate using the old STD codes.  See


Constitution of the Telecommunications Heritage Group


1. Name: The Name of the Group shall be The Telecommunications Heritage Group, hereinafter referred to as the THG.



Contact us

Please remember that all committee members are volunteers.  If you contact us using these details or our contact form, you may be passed to a member of THG who will be most likely to help you.

  • Tel: 0330 321 1844
  • Email: Please use the contact form